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APMA/TDI Public Health Fellowship

Resident Doctors of Podiatric Medicine presently serving their PGY-2 and PGY-3 who have an
interest in exploring the Public Health Fellowship are encouraged to explore The APMA/TDI Public
Health Fellowship program which is a postdoctoral public health fellowship for a graduating
podiatry resident at
The Dartmouth Institute (TDI) of Dartmouth College.

The fellowship curriculum is designed to provide the fellow with the fundamental skills, knowledge
base, and philosophical foundation in health policy and clinical practice, with specific attention paid
to public health, clinical/health services research, and health-care leadership. The fellowship will
provide the postdoctoral fellow, under supervision of the mentor, James J. DiResta, DPM, MPH, with
the unique opportunity to pursue his/her internship and research project within the TDI curriculum
in podiatric public health. Upon completion of the 12-month program, the fellow will receive an MPH
degree from Dartmouth Medical School. TDI's MPH program is a unique program that exposes
students to the evidence behind current public health research and practices and trains students to
use that evidence to conduct research, implement public health programs, and evaluate such
programs. MPH students also gain skills using the methods and models of quality improvement to
initiate change, translate research outcomes into action, improve care and access to care, and
ultimately improve public health. Students gain knowledge and skills through the classroom
experience and through multiple opportunities in the field. This unique training program will
provide a host of career opportunities that may not otherwise be readily available to new podiatric
President of the MPMS Community Service Foundation

Dr DiResta serves as a board member of the Massachusetts Podiatric Medical Association’s
Community Service Foundation and presently leads the foundation as president. The MPMS CSF has
been instrumental in bringing PPOD members in the professions of pharmacy, podiatry, vision
services and dentistry to come together in a quality improvement project aimed to improve the health
of patients with diabetes titled the Massachusetts Diabetes Education Program Coalition. The MDEP
program has provided lectures and small group discussions for health care providers at the Yankee
Dental Congress and APMA Region One Meeting over the past few years. An extensive media
program has been conducted with the aid of an unrestricted grant from NovoNordisk aimed at
outreach to diabetic patients in underserved populations in the commonwealth. With the recent
completion of an MPMS CSF sponsored internship of a Boston University School of Public Health
MPH candidate, the MDEP continues presently with a community service project aimed at
implementing use of a patient passport that provides opportunity to improve upon coordination of
health care services for diabetic patients by PPOD providers along with their primary care providers
in the setting of the local community health center. A previous MPMS sponsored research program
titled the Amputation Prevention Initiative in coordination with the Harvard School of Public
Health MPH quality improvement interns has led to study publication in the JAPMA. Dr DiResta
also chairs the Public Health Committee of MPMS which provides testimony and comment of
various public health issues that come before the legislature. The MDEP provides links to the NDEP
of the NIH on topics related to diabetes mellitus:
MDEP Website
Dr DiResta Leads the Podiatric Health Section of the APHA

The recipient of the John and Janet Carson Award for Public Health Policy in 2012, Dr DiResta has
again been elected chair of the APHA Podiatric Health Section for 2014 to lead podiatry in the
national public health arena. A graduate of The Dartmouth Institute, Dr DiResta holds an MPH
degree from Dartmouth Medical School and serves as the mentor for the APMA Podiatric Public
Health Fellow at Dartmouth. He has delivered several lecture topics and a poster presentation project
at the national APHA meeting over the last decade and several of his power point presentations on
various public health topics including the development and implementation of the Massachusetts
Diabetes Educational Program can be viewed in the
blog section of this website.
In Photos: (top) Dr DiResta's speech at TDI. (left) Our recent fellowship graduate, Dr Dyane Tower,
has accepted a teaching and research position at Rosalind Franklin University in Chicago where
she has received appointment as Assistant Professor. (right) Drs. Fisher, Tower and DiResta.
In Photo: Members of the APHA Podiatric Health Section